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              Our Recent Projects

              We have?successfully completed?an impressive variety of construction projects. Our management processes have significantly benefited?from the experience we have gained in project management. We now?employ systems and methods that have been honed by our many years in the business.


              This project list demonstrates our ability to?manage and?construct?a huge variety of jobs for clients in all sectors. We also believe that the examples given below exemplify our philosophy of achieving great results by keeping things simple.


              AKT Properties

              American Lung Association

              American Medical Response

              Ames Tools

              Association of California School Administrators

              Board of Equalization

              Brooke Insurance

              Burger Rehabilitation Systems Inc.


              California Association of Pest Control Advisors

              California Health Plans

              California Healthcare Foundation


              Chang Brothers Chinese Restaurant

              Coldwell Banker

              Colicutt Energy Solutions

              Community College League of California

              Department of Health Services

              Department of Parks & Recreation

              Department of Social Services

              Department of Veterans Affairs

              Dr. Ballenger

              DTL Mori Seiki

              Ed Dudensing Attorney at Law

              Empire Today


              Farm Bureau

              Fidelity Title

              Fulcrum Property

              Fusion Storm

              Guardian Life

              Harsch Investment Properties

              Hewlet Packard

              Honeywell Security


              Lucas Advocates

              Lumens Lighting

              Mercury Public Affairs

              Methodist Hospital

              Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop

              MTI College

              My Friends Daycare

              O'Connell Commercial

              Office @ Home

              Pizza Masullo

              Political Solutions

              Protection One Security

              Prudential Realty

              Rohrer Brothers Produce

              Rose Law

              Schools Credit Union

              Shari's Berries

              Square Tree IT Projects

              State Capitol

              Subaru of America

              Sun Gro Horticulture

              Timberlake Medical Equipment

              UC Davis Medical Center

              Universal Hospital Services

              Xcelerated Xpress

              Zumba Fitness